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The head mechanic at Rotech Automotive in Devonport, Laurie Williams, does excellent builds at the best prices I have seen. He really knows his stuff and is a top bloke to boot. Laurie is here to build excellent motors for his customers with none of the hype and over priced bullshit some of the other shops use to fund their own projects. Good luck with the build - with Laurie on your side, it's going to be a kickass motor with no headaches during the build - and it will last a long time! ROTECH AUTOMOTIVE ALL THE WAY. As for Laurie, he is a great bloke with great prices and motors.
Pattie05 on RX7Club


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Looking for a good mechanic near Hobart that is good with Soarers? Laurie Williams at Rotech Automotive car service in Devonport seems to know what he is talking about.
Dean Erwin on SoarerCentral


As I am in Devonport I highly recomend Laurie and Rotech Automotive. I have had many dealings with him and since I own a rotor engine I will probally have plenty more.
Fatrse on AusRotary


When you are in Tassie go see Laurie Williams in Devonport at Rotech Automotive.
I can not endorse this man any more highly! Laurie builds tough engines and at a very good price he helped me out on a PP build years ago and it lasted for ages. The mechanics would have the parts there and might even do a part swap just to get you on the road. Laurie Williams at Rotech Automotive car service in Devonport is a really nice guy.
Siks3 on AusRotary


When you are looking for rotor mechanics in Tassie, visit Laurie Williams at Rotech Automotive in Devonport. He builds a tough engine.
Stredrotor on AusRotary


I am from Tassie and live in SA now. For major mechanical services, sourcing motors etc., go see Laurie Williams in Devonport at Rotech Automotive. Laurie has built me a few excellent motors in the past he will get you on the right track. My 13b bridge port Laurie built me was awesome.
Siks3 on RX7Club


My mechanic has a PP20b in his S6 circuit car and it is awesome. His name is Laurie Williams at Rotech Automotive, he is always pretty helpful. I think it ran in the low 12s with heaps of wheelspin off the line in 1st and 2nd. The noise that comes from it is unreal.
KREMSRX7 on AusRotary


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I have spent around $10k all up which seeing what I now have it is a cheap torque warrior. I am very fortunate to have great mates like Laurie Williams at Rotech Automotive in Tassie where I have full use of all his facilities and his knowledge plus he charges me like $30/hour when we both work side by side. Laurie saw it as a challenge also and, being a rotary man, he just loves small motors pumping out big amounts of grunt.
White Knight on Micra


exhaust fitted by Rotech Automotive in Devonport

I had a 3 inch stainless steal exhaust system made by Simon at Rotech Automotive. He did a fantastic job, It consists of a 3 inch dump pipe, all done with weld in bends. All the way to the single muffler at the rear of the car. Simon made a hot dog style 3 inch strait through muffler with stainless steel wool in the baffle. Flows very well. Improved performance, less turbo lag, lovely sounding turbo whistle.


supra3 supra2 supra

Looking for a good mechanic around Devonport area? One of work mates recommended Rotech Automotive in Devonport so I dropped my car off there. Apparently the owner does build race cars and races himself too. The bloke's name is Laurie Williams. They are on the corner of Elizabeth and Hiller Street.
Supra_007 on Supra Forums


rx7 Rotech Automotive in Devonport rx7 engine Rotech Automotive in Devonport rx7 wheel Rotech Automotive in Devonport

With my sports race car RX-7 seeing no progress for a year I took the car and its many parts to Rotech Automotive in Devonport for assembly to running level. Thanks to Rotech owner Laurie Williams having solid rotary knowledge the progress was fast, and many more parts were purchased including many SP components. With the dedicated help of Kelly Hunt, Tim, Laurie, James, Garry and many others another set of turbos were sourced and installed. With a quick retune, the car caught up with the field that night in Hobart racing event and rejoined the final days competition, setting good times and finishing the 2000km event.
t01-100 on OzRX7


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